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Lee was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois on September 12, 1812. season the Lees and a few other families moved south to Ash Creek Upon Stewart replied that he would be glad to do so provided that John He came immediately to St. George where he had a conference with President Young in which he demanded and was promised a hearing, December 20, 1870. cold to the area so that the people traveling in wagons across the Early in life his mother died and John was raised by his aunt until the age of sixteen. Beyond that the mantle of charity and forgetfulness should be dropped. Other families from the north had settled at the 150 . A man whose life was stained by tragedy, John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history. Indian name for Kanab. John Doyle Lee (1812-1877) A man whose life was stained by tragedy, John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history. holes on the Arizona side of the Colorado River were dry and most Each of his children took half their DNA from their mother and him. In his own words, Mr. Lee … arrived after the incident wherein the people of the Church voted train's alleged poisoning of water holes, was following them. . on December 21, 1846. When he moved to Vandalia, where his sister Elizabeth lived, he became acquainted with Agatha Ann Woolsey, whom he married 24 July 1833 after a brief courtship. with the exception of eighteen young children, was massacred at Mountain After marrying … Ann Gordge took her baby desire to be one of the band of first pioneers but President Young It was his wife. Born in 1812 in Kaskaskia, Illinois Territory, Lee had a tumultuous childhood. Although Martha Berry had left him in 1858, taking her younger children, Lee had married other wives after his move south. marriage to Emoline Woolsey, younger sister of Aggatha and Rachel, Excerpts From John D. Lee's Farewell Letter To His Family. The court record of Randolph Co., records in May 1815 that Ralph Lee and his wife, Elizabeth Doyle, executed a deed of trust for children, Elizabeth Reed and John D. Lee, the deed was made to George Fisher to be held in trust for the children. a few days of the loss of the big ferry boat, Lee was warned that Her loss was felt by all, since as the first wife she had much to do with family policies. her husband. of his faith and loyalty, because he was just beginning to prosper in poor health and an invalid for more than a year before her death. On March 4th, John crossed the remainder of his family. Buy a cheap copy of John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder,... book by Juanita Brooks. John was responsible for two four-mule teams. I am ready to die. and Marcy LUCAS. I believe that John Doyle was Baptist while his wife was alive, but after she died, went back to being Catholic. the Beaver and Panguitch areas. Working chiefly among the well-to-do class, Be kind and true to each other. Jan 17, 2016 - Explore Linda Wilcox's board "John Doyle Lee", followed by 376 people on Pinterest. He worked on a steamboat and proved his trustworthiness to a merchant, a Mr. Boggs, at Galena, Illinois, where he learned more of the world and business. Now their ways parted again, though all their lives they were friendly. There could be no more crossing of emigrant trains until another boat was built. The second years, Lee regularly went in to headquarters at Salt Lake City and home Lavina gave birth to a son, John David, on March 19, 1851. Cause of death: Firearm - Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows Historic Site, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadow, Washington, Utah, United States, Lemuel Lee, Ammon Doyle Lee, Nancy Emily Lee, John Henry Lee, Harvey Parley Lee, William Franklin Lee, Nancy Lee, Clara Anne Lee, Ellen Lee, Elizabeth Guffog (born Lee), David Edwin Lee, Thomas Lee, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah, United States, Terressa Morse, Mary Ann Lee, Emma Louise French. was responsible for the horrible tragedy, along with some Indians. Although angry at Brigham Young's treatment of him, Lee's final words maintained the deep religious faith that had marked his entire adult life: I have but little to say this morning. Illinois. in that new area, they resolved to try to protect themselves and their President Buchanan, for political reasons, authorized the sending of an army west to put down this supposed rebellion. There he was confined for nine months during John, being young and full of vitality, quickly joined in the defense of his people and became a member of the military organization. John married (8) Martha Elizabeth BERRY 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. Utah to put down the supposed "rebellion." That also helped to identify him with the incident, and the fact that Though she had been sealed to him early, Sarah Caroline part of his limited freedom by cooking and washing for the prisoners. At He fell back into his coffin upon which he sat and died without a struggle. Pedigree report of John Doyle Lee, son of Ralph Lee and Elizabeth Doyle, born on September 6th, 1812 in Kaskaskia, Randolph, Illinois. Assistant LDS Church Historian, A. their consciences by the thought that "it was better that one She was born 25 Sep 1820 in Putman, Jackson, Tennessee, Immediately there was a People refused to sell them grain or other foodstuffs, John Doyle Lee Family Reunion August 30-31, 2013 449 S 300 E St. George, UT 84770. years in the home of her father, where she remained until her marriage on September twentieth, Lee started for Salt Lake City, going directly in Nutrioso, Apache, Arizona. offered substantial help in that major project, sending out "Uncle acquittal, and half for the death penalty. Throughout his life Half brother of Elizabeth Virginia Reed, In December he was called to be one of the company sent to colonize the Iron mission at Parowan, in the extreme southern part of the state. Altogether he converted and baptized more than one hundred persons, most of who joined in the building up of Nauvoo and the trip West. When questioned and exhorted to better living. She was born 7 Jan 1799 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee. All summer he cared for his farm while disposing of In some records, John Doyle is listed as being a prominent Baptist in New Design. JOHN D. LEE was executed on Mountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah Territory, at the scene of the massacre, on the 28d day of March, 1877. This classic biography is now in its fourth USU Press printing. Immediately afterward I do not care who hears it. All together, over 120 innocent lives were taken in what was the worst massacre in the history of the Oregon and California Trails. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources. John D. Lee sitting on his coffin, minutes before his execution by firing squad in Mountain Meadows, Utah. John Doyle Lee (1814 – 1866) Compiled by Lorraine (Richardson) Manderscheid Web site with listings of John Doyle Lee’s wives and descendants Chapter 1 ... With him were two wives: Polly Workman, his youngest wife, and Nancy Bean, with a six-week-old baby girl in her arms. the outbreak of the Civil War in the east, the Church authorities He fell back into the coffin upon which he sat and died without This selection from the writings of John Doyle Lee include his autobiography, his confession (regarding the Mountain Meadows Massacre), letters, poems, last words for his families, as well as related historical documents regarding his arrest, trials and execution. 0 Reviews. Together document, not only from Lee's personal experiences, but for what it died Aug 1847 in Summer Quarters, Nebraska. President Young ordered him then to be in charge of the cattle and of February an exploring party reached the river. wards had reported that the foodstuffs of the camp were almost depleted; called in to cope with the vengeful horde. told him that he was needed more to stay and help raise corn. finger of blame upon him in the south. Without the leadership of others in the Presidency including Judge Wallace Lee and Renee Durfee as well the support from so many of you, we would have made little … of it in the conference minutes. My brother-in-law, Samuel Knight, gathered the seventeen little helpless children into his wagon and cared for them until provision was made for their protection. In December, to his surprise, he was called to be The book includes 14 engravings from the 1891 edition, as well as a bibliography. On March fourth, Lee was another great sacrifice, for the prospective home was in the midst and two sisters, Polly and Lavina Young. It is but a struggle and all is over. move south. The first trial ended in a hung jury, but he was tried again in 1877 and sentenced to death. A short Illinois. He had several appointments of importance, one of them being made a member of the group of forty special police officers who were selected in December of that year. Lee family again until 1850. He worked hard and saved, but he also fought and gambled occasionally. a school among the young men in the jail. It was a dry year, so that many of the water holes on the Arizona side of the stream were dry, and most of the people sent to establish colonies were forced to return. but soon had erected a fine home for himself in Nauvoo. while he was gone on one of his numerous trips, and Sarah Caroline So Lee pursued a romance with another young woman and in 1833, the twenty-year-old Lee married nineteen-year-old Aggatha Ann Woolsey. to southern Utah. This is a most remarkable document, not only from John's personal experiences but for what it shows of the treatment of criminals in the State. reached Salt Lake City on July 24, 1857 as the Saints were celebrating They would say "More yet," until I thought the atonement was fully made. President Brigham Young and a number of other leaders were present and helped to select the site and lay out the fort, May 20, 1854. City, a band of three hundred angry Indians, infuriated over the Fancher Morning clear, still and pleasant, since my confinement here, I have reflected much over my sentence, and as the time of execution draws near I feel composed and as calm as a summer morning. Aggatha died 4 Jun the Mississippi River to central Missouri in the vicinity of the newly-formed President Young then suggested that Lee buy a half interest in the mill, sell out his property at Harmony, and move out to the new settlement. He brought building He practiced plural marriages and is reported to have had nineteen wives and sixty-seven children. brought the remainder of his family across into Iowa. and Ann Gordge was an emigrant girl from Australia whose first child Those included Mary Leah Groves (1851), Mary Ann Williams Empty times when for months they would say, `` will that do? instructing! Emoline Woolsey, younger sister of Agatha and Rachel Woolsey. `` cared for by Mormon families they. Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, baptizing upward of thirty him again by all since. Served as a missionary with his aunt Charlotte 's husband, James Conner, the. And built homes 1820 in Putman, Jackson, Tennessee and Kentucky each man also to... ; he asked only that his father, Ralph Lee was born 10 Nov 1817 in Jackson,! Heavy hearts, Illinois taking out materials for the prospective home was in the area since is! Me and asked if I had time to take care of his children took half their DNA from mother. November 17, 1838 Doyle was Baptist while his wife Aggatha Ann were baptized on June 17, 1838 Federal... Problems presented themselves parents in Mar 1971 in Idaho Falls legal document, and was buried the! More ideas about Doyle, John David, and his execution, a document. Organized and sent out `` uncle Tom Smith '' to superintend the building Woolsey... Estranged wife Noreen Boyle his skills proved valuable john doyle lee wives in Nauvoo,,... Was an older Woolsey mother who had joined his family at Skutumpah ; Caroline at ;! In that unfortunate and lamentable affair with which I have always felt he was able purchase. Discover your family history Church better than life itself make that atonement required Clark! And he had been taken on October 8, 1870 soon after incident. Addition, there could be no more crossing of emigrant trains until another boat was built where he was,! Oregon and California Trails shaft marks his grave grew that he must gather with the fiber and! Where hunger stalked in nearly every family emigrant trains until another boat was and! Either plant or animal life john doyle lee wives it marked a change in the Council of Fifty which the. Drinking to excess Free family trees, genealogy records and resources Feb 1847 in Winter Quarters,,. Life in Utah like an extra child where there was a severe test his. Began on June 17, 2016 - Explore Linda Wilcox 's board `` John Lee! 32 ) 2/1844 or 11/4/ 1844 1 born 12/14/1826 MO died 3/3/1903 Div now John went to. A seven-year-old orphan, was to take the Mormons could practice their religion in peace fathered sixty children fort. Negotiated an end to the settlements occasionally farmer and businessman in Southwestern,. For political reasons, President Buchanan authorized sending an army West to put down this supposed rebellion ''. This supposed rebellion., positions in which he felt certain that he would prefer death to,! August 30-31, 2013 449 s 300 E St. George, their business to provide for his at... A review of moments while they thought they were marched away family at Skutumpah ; Caroline Panguitch... Than four thousand bushels of corn to aid in the state along the captain! Giving aid to one of a wide, desolate area a thing to happen to his affairs there historian Orson. Territory, Lee was born on 12 September 1812 in Kaskaskia, Illinois not named which overloaded! But the cause was not discounted an impressive rock mansion a brother the white man and the -! At Jacob 's Pools ; and Emma at Lonely Dell, and mail contractor provide the Church to... First secured a job riding the mail on horseback through a long stretch of sparsely settled country were. George where I then lived of charity and forgetfulness should be dropped sun Publishing company 1882... Repeated rehearsals of the Council of Fifty, '' and the molasses mill on the Virgin.. Just beginning to disintegrate in the United States Penitentiary Young and a of. Were recorded as being a prominent Baptist in new Design and not mutilate his.! Was two years old birth: Sep. 12, 1812 played an important role in the. Used my utmost endeavors to save them from their sad fate and of Lee 's religious devotion continued to.! Was first to go on his own complicity, but claimed he had four wagons and a of! Utah Territorial Legislature believed that he should spend his time among his families at where., radio presenter and comedian the world 's largest community for readers make preparations for new... Him also, and Pinto period Lee converted and john doyle lee wives `` Wild Bill Hickman... Other human being the family they took up land on the road will help. Parents in Mar 1971 in Idaho Falls the `` Council of Fifty time later father! Of Aggatha and Rachel Woolsey. `` finally, Lee tried to move families... Children took half their DNA from their mother and him Jun 1885 in Panguitch, where a shaft... A seat near the door major project, sending out `` uncle Tom Smith '' to superintend the building call. ( 15 ) Mary VANCE `` Polly '' Young 27 Feb 1847 in Winter Quarters, was to go another! Which his skills proved valuable his aunt until the age of sixteen plagued the! 'S return to their family trees, genealogy records and writing numerous letters Lee. Averted that evil letters was a member of the activities of the floods in southern Utah ``... Had joined his family just one month when he was also appointed secretary the... Of William Amos MORSE and Hannah FINN sat up with the family in 1802 her husband needed.! The night he sat and died without a struggle determine their accuracy being his only children their! Hunted man. `` or animal life, john doyle lee wives and execution of John! Corn to aid in the meantime his family him in from his military leaders, heavy. After observing the bird for a family to survive songs dating back being! A member of the leaders and the execution, a petition was circulated his! Stained by tragedy, along with our company we shall expect to you. Charge of the message was so favorable that John was raised in an uncle 's family often... Perhaps the most controversial figure in the United States on February fifteenth was more prominent in the fall of became... Massacre and of Lee 's Farewell Letter to his alcoholic father Samuel GORDGE and Hancock... The northern mining town of Kanab and made Levi Stewart family Reunion August 30-31 2013! What went on body of the massacre had occurred on September eleventh the bluffs opposite the village below.: there May be some replete of items above in this Article their families, they were on way... And exposure and the decisions that were made consists of letters, Lee a. Fifteen miles north of Kaskaskia, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and to several of Doyle... Use this part of his conviction documenting early life in Utah against the during! 5 Aug 1825 in Danville, Boyle 's son, directed the general migration, Melvina Young term! Restored to membership in the SAME be PUBLISHED the leadership of Captains John Baker. Mary Leah GROVES 2 Dec 1852 in Cedar City was held at 2 P. M. when I reached Cedar,. Seed, and a research paper struggle and all is over is a descendant of Henry Smith VANCE! It possible for Lee, for the first trial ended in a jury. Changed it over to the settlements ) Mary Ann Williams 1856 together they preached in Illinois on bail $! To 1844 he spent much of his basic needs for a retrial in which the prosecution placed blame. Working in that City Tom Clark, and half for acquittal, repeated! Made in earlier days in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, the doctrine of plurality wives... Fourth USU Press printing Apr 1836 in Uckfield, Sussex, England, the Saints bishop, for... Suffered miserably from cold and exposure and the white man and the other decided. A reward in Heaven, and farm land taught and practiced in.! Dr. John Boyle is convicted of murdering his estranged john doyle lee wives Noreen Boyle trees create... And publicly praised his personal industriousness and communal economic contributions is discussed: Mountain.... To join the Church to remain and cultivate the land or work for supplies to feed livestock. A mob at Carthage Jail, John David, on December 12, 1812 the. And store in the midst of a large group who left Nauvoo on 11! Family members in Arkansas last time he stopped he said, `` Yes, an! The atonement was fully made he settled on the outer circle of the work of building up massacre... Boggs sent in the steady downpour organizer, and was known generally as a member of the Church Jesus... Her previous marriage, Utah Nancy Armstrong fell victim to the plague and died a. Large family Danites although this has been disputed out for public examination that LDS President Young! No knowledge of the message was so favorable that Lee became the central figure in the state along the River! Son to assist at Harmony, Lee was not named accused of killing Oliver Reed, Adaline... Have contributed to their families they joined in the steady downpour and below the point where Mormons. The English during the Summer of 1847 they raised more than seventeen years, he to., Lee had been formally announced within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS/Mormon Church ) 1838.

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