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Hello & welcome to The Unexplained. Welcome to Unexplained Mysteries. The YouTube clip up there has subtitles, but they aren't very helpful. Share Tweet Pin reddit LinkedIn After dozens of requests I just had to write this article. It’s presence doesn’t seem to bother them though as they try and get a better look. 10 Cyriak Here are 10 unexplained creatures caught on tape. So today, here at unexplained mysteries, we take a look at these 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained. This video seems to show some teenagers exploring some kind of abandoned school. I will also be posting my … From the many adverts to constant policy changes relating to video uploads, this Google platform is simply doing its users a disservice. Reddit users have shared their creepiest unexplained experiences in a new thread online with many of them of a paranormal nature. We will explore, question & embark on adventures into the unknown together. It is said to be a creature known as the rake. It’s generally thought to be either a fallen angel or a hybrid human created by the Spanish government. It was captured by a camera mounted onto a service robot and it shows a small creature run past in the pipe ahead. And I'm talking about REAL mysteries, not videos that lure you in only to show that they're talking about an ARG, horror web … The origin of this video is unknown and I haven’t heard any explanation for it. Find horror stories, horror trailers, creepypastas, short horror films, horror music, real ghost stories, creepy horror, haunted stories, paranormal activities, mysterious stories, horror readings, real ghost videos and many more by following top horror youtube channels It appears to show someone driving through a remote area. It seems like more and more mysterious events surface from all around that are more than just impossible to explain, they completely defy what we know to be possible within the realms of physics and science. 34 votes, 33 comments. This video brings the shocking news that either mythical creatures exist in India – or that Indian people can fly. If you know of a good YouTube channel that we've missed, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. Remember the time Just A Robot made a video on a weird, lolcow channel. So I have compiled 10 clips that appear to show mysterious monsters. You can decide for yourself whether you think they are real or fake. Thank you for watching!Thank you to CO.AG for the background music! This video is said to show a type of stick – like creature emerging from behind a tree. info), repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, 24 hours per day. Later in the video, a much larger creature with glowing eyes seems to peer at the service robot. The scientist believes that aliens have been on Earth for a long time, but almost no one knows about this, since they, presumably, asked to keep this information secret. The universe is full of unexplained mysteries, and in the words of Aristotle, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Mysteries drive us to explore, to search, to think and experiment. Honestly speaking, YouTube has plenty of restrictions that, in my opinion, is killing creativity. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of some of the most bizarre YouTube channels out there, so you can experience the same nightmares we did while researching this list. People send you stories, you read them while recording and profit. Hopefully this list has provided with a couple good options so you can enjoy one of the best YouTube documentaries! You can decide for yourself whether you think they are real or fake. Here are 10 of the most bizarre, gross, and disturbing. Unsolved and Unexplained Mysteries in History. We take a look at these 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. They don’t seem to have even noticed it, but a strange loud noise emerges at the same moment as the shadowy figure. You can always choose to go with Netflix or Hulu but YouTube is super easy and fast. It was first reported in 1345 and is still widely believed in by the people of Iceland. A late-night Internet marathon usually leads to the weird part of YouTube. This one starts off as a fairly normal video of a child being filmed by his mothers. 10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter. What he captures is unexplainable. I hope it’s just a hoax. Watching sneezing pandas and cats on skateboards is a great reason for the internet existing. I believe my new house is haunted. So they’re like hobbits. In this video a man hears strange noises on the outside of his house. The video is noteworthy due to the horrific scream let out by the man. Top 10 Unexplained Mysteries Videos from all over the world with some Analysis! Of course YouTube has poor quality, illegal rips of popular ghost hunting shows, but you're probably looking for something new, exciting and real. Despite modern technology, these stories are some of history's most enduring, and they may never be fully resolved. As if it was investigating it. Some channels on the weird side of YouTube can get a bit too weird, though. So he grabs his camera and has a look. Hey everyone, I am looking for recommendations for good mystery channels on Youtube. 1 year ago. A channel dedicated to posting Top5s style videos, the main topic of the videos are Unexplained Mysteries, Countdowns, History, Strange, Facts, Paranormal and Horror. Here's a play by play , though it's about as useful as someone turning to you and explaining that the strange man on the subway is farting in Morse code without mentioning the important detail of why he does it . If you are mainly into crime/murder/mystery documentaries, (which I think we all are), I recommend checking out the YouTube channel Real Crime. I was just thinking, many of these channels, It's quite an ingenious way to make some ad revenue money. If you think you know all the interesting channels on YouTube, you are probably fooling yourself.Every minute, an average of 400 hours of video is uploaded, and nearly 5 billion individual videos are watched every day. We have here Indonesian security footage showing what is now known as the Indonesian Angel. But as the video goes on the white figure seems less and less human. This video comes from inside a sewer in Northern England. It appears that the more we uncover, the less we know about the nature of our world. 115 votes, 37 comments. Filmed in Spain, a group of men are walking through a forest when they encounter the most terrifying creature of all time. There, you’ll encounter everything from painfully awkward indie music videos to the world’s largest zit. You can make up your own mind. In Iceland, legend tells of a huge monster. ... Unexplained. KrainaGrzybowTV (also known as Mushroomland (or Land of Mushrooms) TV, KGTV, or just Kraina Grzybów) is a Polish YouTube channel, which features a series of 1980’s themed videos revolving around a mysterious place called Mushroomland. But a small goblin runs across the floor behind him. Little is known about this creature as they live in remote woodlands and usually avoid people. After dozens of requests I just had to write this article. 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. So I have compiled 10 clips that appear to show mysterious monsters. The former head of Israel’s space security program, professor of aeronautics and astronautics, Haim Eshed, in a recent interview with Yedioth Aharonoth, stated that aliens have been on our planet for a long time. Veritasium. Want to watch more amazing Reddit stories? The same channel features two other videos, equally bizarre. Wright WR 229 1-Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply For Condenser Microphone Power Conditioner : https://amzn.to/2tdNphb Wright Wp 101 Pop Filter For Dynamic Condenser Microphone Voice Recording And Singing 6-Inch Diameter Double Mesh Screen : https://amzn.to/2MxiBBa Paranormal YouTube Channels Best List. The Rake In this video a […] The rake stalk people for months before killing them in the dead of night. ... Fresh AskReddit Stories: [Serious] What is the best unexplained mystery? Horror Youtube Channels Best List. If it’s fake, it’s been done really well. The video is about Jars exploring and commentating about the weird videos, video titles, comments from the creator and others, on a channel named SpicyHam. Sometimes, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place. I really wish I got myself doing something like this years ago. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 10 Unexplained Mysteries Caught On Camera! Lex Wahl has a channel where he shares some fan favorite stories from his Anything ghost show podcast. Johnson & Johnson has temporarily paused its clinical trials for a potential novel coronavirus vaccine after an “unexplained illness” in a study participant, the company said Monday. 1. Oh! I made my own investigation and got myself in a rabbit hole, within the mysteries of this strange YouTube channel. Here are 10 unexplained creatures caught on tape. He slows his vehicle to avoid hitting the person in the road ahead. Did I forget to mention the enormous paperwork that characterizes application for a YouTube channel? 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. They call it the worm monster. We take a look at these 100 unsolved mysteries that cannot be explained | compilation. ... YouTube user ReignBot did all the hard work for us, tracing the video back to a Daily Motion account, ... a Reddit user who works as a funeral director said it's not that weird the body is well preserved because embalming can affect each unique body in unique ways. Upon entering on room their camera captures a shodowy figure walking towards them. Keep up with videos about Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Phenomena, Paranormal Experiences, Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters, Scary Videos, Extraterrestrial life, Unidentified flying objects, Psychic abilities or Extrasensory perception, Cryptids and many more. Whether its cold cases like the "Somerton Man" or vanishings like that of the Sodder Children, these unexplained mysteries continue to baffle the world. 2nd channel with exclusive Reddit stories! Many think the monster can be seen in this video.

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