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Cecil arrives armed and reveals his own intention to embezzle the money from the project, and his plans to frame Bob as the scapegoat when the dam collapses from shoddy construction. (Victor turns around) He'll cool off. 08x16 - Brother From Another Series. He wrote stories and submitted them … He'd robbed a bank. To view the available details, click Choose Details. Error Message on Machine's DisplayError Message on Status MonitorError Message on ComputerError Message on Mobile Device He broke the TV. Krusty's song is a parody of "Folsom Prison Blues". Brother from Another Series Announcer : It's the Krusty the Klown Prison Special! [6] Pierce was cast as Sideshow Bob's brother, causing Pierce to joke, "Normally, I would not do something like this. [8] Ken Keeler has said that it is his favorite deleted scene. The Brother Workhorse Series scanners are designed for mid to large-sized workgroups or high-volume and batch scanning applications. Since he is Springfield's chief hydrological and hydrodynamical engineer, Cecil employs Bob to supervise the construction of a hydroelectric dam in a river near the town. I'll find another way. "Brother from Another Series" is the sixteenth episode of The Simpsons' eighth season. A Williams grad in 1972, he shunned a corporate career to work various blue-collar jobs, moving to east Boston to take a factory job. You're the eldest. Synopsis: Brennan Huff and Dale Doback are both about 40 when Brennan's mom and Dale's dad marry. [Screams] [All Gasp] Man: Live from Springfield Penitentiary's fabulous big open area in cell block "D"... it's the Krusty the Clown Prison Special. "Volcanic thriller among Sunday watchables", The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, "Brother from Another Series episode capsule", El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious,, Television episodes written by Ken Keeler, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. But how often do you get a chance to work with an actor like Kelsey Grammer and, more importantly, play his brother? Cannot Print (via Network)Cannot Print (via USB / Parallel)Cannot Print (via Mobile Device)Print Quality ProblemGeneral Print ProblemPrint from Computer (Windows)Print from Computer (Macintosh)Print from Mobile DevicePrint directly from MachinePrint Settings / ManagementTips for Printing [8] The sequence was cut in order to make room for the explanation of why Bob was sent back to prison. C.J. Back home, brother Tommy steps in to look over Sam’s wife, Grace, and two children. This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 18:11. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 23, 1997. Installing Drivers / SoftwareUninstalling Drivers / SoftwareDriver / Software SettingsDriver / Software tips iOS Device-related ProblemBrother iPrint&Scan (iOS Device)AirPrint (iOS Device)Android™ Device-related ProblemBrother iPrint&Scan (Android™ Device)Windows Phone Device-related ProblemBrother iPrint&Scan (Windows Phone Device) Windows SupportMacintosh Support Machine problem The Brother Universal Printer Driver is a printer driver for use with Brother machines on your network. 02.14.2011 42:50 S3 E14 - Owning It Rebecca makes … It was the fourth highest-rated show on the Fox network that week, following The X-Files, King of the Hill and Melrose Place. Keep it. Chraol an séú heipeasóid déag, "Brother from Another Series", den ochtú sraith The Simpsons ar an 23 Feabhra 1997.Scríobh Ken Keeler an eipeasóid seo. Wikiquote memiliki koleksi kutipan yang berkaitan dengan: "Brother from Another Series… The police arrive and arrest Cecil. [10], In its original broadcast, "Brother from Another Series" finished 39th in ratings for the week of February 17–23, 1997, with a Nielsen rating of 9.1, equivalent to approximately 8.8 million viewing households. While searching Bob's trailer at the dam construction site, Bart and Lisa discover a briefcase full of cash. The dam then crumbles and releases a torrent of water on Springfield, but does only minimal damage. Linda Day, Director: WKRP in Cincinnati. [6] The writers spent a long time trying to figure out a civilization that considered chief hydrological engineer a true calling and chose the Cappadocians, who were famous for underground cities although not specifically dams. [15] Grammer and Pierce were ranked second on AOL's list of their favorite 25 Simpsons guest stars.[16]. The sons still live with the parents so they must now share a room. You can search for available Brother machines on your network and print documents without installing separate printer drivers. Available features of the Brother Universal Printer Driver differ depending on the machine's functions. As the two dangle over the side of the dam, Bob cuts the cord on the dynamite to prevent Cecil from destroying the town. Synopsis. Sideshow Bob is released from prison into the care of his brother Cecil and claims to be a changed man. Here (Gerhardt stretches his hand out to him, offering Victor the watch) Take this. Cecil's inability to see Bart also refers to the fact that Maris, Niles' wife in Frasier, is never actually seen. D'fhéach 15.1 milliún duine ar an eipeasóid. Sideshow Bob: Well, Krusty as you may remember, after I tried to frame you for armed robbery, I tried to murder Selma Bouvier. And she was very, very honest with me. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 23, 1997. She’d been tough on my scripts if she didn’t like them. [8], Cecil was drawn to resemble David Hyde Pierce, but still look similar to Bob. "Brother from Another Series" is the sixteenth episode of The Simpsons' eighth season. (Female, Dramatic, 20s – 30s) Preparations for a yard sale surround Georgia’s New Jersey backyard. Brother allows you to add some Disney magic to your projects with our sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines. [9] According to director Pete Michels, it was difficult to draw Bob and Cecil standing together because their feet are both so big. Referensi Pranala luar. [2][3][4][5], The episode was written by Ken Keeler, who had been watching a lot of Frasier episodes at the time and had been assigned to write a Sideshow Bob episode and he thought it would be a good idea to mix the two. Episode tersebut awalnya disiarkan dalam saluran Fox di Amerika Serikat pada 23 Februari 1997. If you don't find the driver, go to Downloads section and install the driver. About: Today’s script, Possessions, is special in that it was voted into the Top 10 by you, the readers of the site. Bart suspects a sinister motive when Sideshow Bob reunites with his estranged bother Cecil, who promptly places Bob in charge of supervising the building of Springfield's Hydroelectric Dam.

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