smoked venison burgers Venison Burgers. 5,096 486 Joined Sep 20, 2012. Although Swedes often use älg (elk/moose) in venison burgers, this recipe works well with any type of venison. You can do this in multiple ways. But, I even have friends who simply hang theirs out in the sun to dry (which will definitely work). Feb 5, 2013 - Reviews of hunting gear — guns, ammo, camouflage and more — plus hunting tips and in-depth videos from Scout's North American Hunter. Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger $2.79/lb-Yield of 150%. May 28, 2014 #2 smoking b Smoking Guru . They were awesome image.jpg. I smoked venison burgers for the second time tonight. The object of making jerky is simply to remove the moisture from the meat. I always get SO excited when my husband or father in law fires up the grill and throws on some of these And that is how smoked venison jerky was born. Without much say, wood chips offer the meat incredible aromas proving that your (In the photo above I have used wild fallow deer.) Perfect for a summer BBQ or a family dinner, they’re sure to become a staple of your diet! papa7326; May 28, 2014 . Thread in 'Wild Game' Thread starter Started by papa7326, Start date May 28, 2014; May 28, 2014 #1 papa7326 Fire Starter. Ground, mixed with spices, and packaged for your delight, our burgers make a great option for meals all year round! Ground Venison $0.85/lb-20% beef added. I love … As such, these patties make for gourmet burgers, either as Saturday night treats, or … OTBS Member. A lot of people use a dehydrator or an oven. The colder weather may be upon us, but don’t stow away that barbecue just yet—especially if you’re looking for a tasty new way to serve the ground Homemade venison burgers, with their rich gamey flavour, make a welcome change from beef burgers and will be sure to create a talking point at your next barbecue party! 40 10 Joined Apr 13, 2013. Ready-to-Eat Sausages. Looks great! Smoked venison Burgers. Made with wild venison from the Cairngorms, the natural depth of flavour of these burgers owes to the wild grazing and browsing of the deer, while we add bone marrow for extra succulence and bite.

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