Sunrise / Sunset Sup


An amazing way of experiencing an Ibiza sunrise…whether you’ve just got out of bed or not yet made it there.  Paddling out in the dark is a surreal and exciting experience and feeling the first rays of the day’s sun warm your face can be primal and profound.  Sip a cup of tea out in the bay and set yourself up for a spectacular day!
Cost: €50 for 2 hours per person – including thermos of tea


Sunset is a celebration!  It’s not often we get to experience this surrounded by water.  Paddling through the reflected colours and enjoying a glorious sundowner is a unique and magical island experience.
Cost: €50 for 2 hours per person – including sundowner
*a fact we like : )    lightwaves are longer at sunset and sunrise and this allows the human eye to perceive more colours

What’s included:

Top quality equipment, instruction and guidance
Paddle and turning technique
Guiding around the island’s best spots
The instructor will take some photos * of you out on the board for you to have
*Please note these are not professionally taken photographs. We do offer the addition of a professional photographer, for the length of your excursion, at €200 per excursion, all inclusive. This can include underwater photography.

What you need to know:

No previous experience required
Suitable for all ages
Boards and paddles provided
No need for wetsuits
Life jackets are available on request
Please bring: swimwear or lightweight sportswear (that you don’t mind getting wet), towel, water, high factor suncream
Optional: hat/cap, sunglasses (we have sunglass straps available for sale to avoid you losing your favourite pair)
We will start the session with brief tuition on land then continue with instruction on the water. We aim to have you up and standing soon after.
We go all over the island, and tailor our excursions to best suit your location and needs, factoring in the weather conditions on the day.
If you wish to customise your trip and gain a more personalised experience please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat.

Sunrise and Sunset Enquiry